6 simple steps to pray

6 Simple Steps on How to Pray

This FREE workbook will teach you 6 steps to help you push past the barriers that are preventing you from having meaningful prayers with God.

It will take you through simple steps and techniques you can use to improve the quality of your prayers, help you get you started if you are a beginner, give you suggestions on what you can pray for and keep track of what you are praying for!

Who is it for?

This FREE workbook is for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their prayers; whether they are beginners who want to become closer to God or someone who is experienced at prayer but feels that it is becoming a repetitive routine for them.

a family reading the bible and praying together
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I’m a Christian wife and stepmom of two and I love helping people achieve their spiritual goals, including more effective prayers. I am going to show you a system you can use to break down practical ways for you to draw closer to God through the wonderful avenue of prayer!